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Terms of the online store Coanegra S. Coop

1. Identification seller / buyer and purpose of the online store.


Name: Coanegra S. Coop

CIF: F57721375

C / Princeps d`Espanya 45, Marratxí, Mallorca (Balears).C.P.07141


Reg. No 07BA547 (Cooperative)

Coanegra S. Coop is a non-profit cooperative. The members of it are consumers and farmers. Our main objectives are to support local small farmers, to promote organic production, to educate in environmental issues and improve health of consumers.


The user registers on the website to shop online, consigning his personal data in the order form, once the general conditions of purchase are accepted.

To access and use the online shopping service, you must have reached the age of majority set by the current legal order in Spain.

There are three categories of buyers: members of consumer groups withdrawing their products in a given place and day in your locality, occasional buyers who withdraw your purchase in our shop in Es Figueral (Marratxí) and occasional buyers with home delivery (restricted to certain locations of Mallorca, at the time, jut for ALCUDIA residents).

Purpose of the online store:

Coanegra S. Coop offers online purchase, in order to facilitate you can make the purchase comfortably without going to our stores, which will be delivered in a single point of delivery for consumer groups (without charging any additional fee by transportation) or to the address you specify, leaving it subject to compliance with the conditions listed below.

2. Quality.

In Coanegra S. Coop we chose and treat products with the same attention and care as you would.

We control and supervise our products from their origin reaching your hands in the shortest time.

3. Assortment.

You'll find products ordered by families and subfamilies to facilitate your search.

You will find all our sections, varieties and products in alphabetical order to speed up your search.

Most of the fresh products comes from our farm in Santa Maria del Cami and are organic certified by CBPAE. The Majorcan and Eco/organic (certified) products are featured in our shop with the logo "KM 0 + ECO". You'll also find fresh - non-certified organic - products of local small farmers, organic manufactured products and some complementary products (such personal hygiene and gift boxes).

4. Services and delivery.


You can access our online store, to the general contracting conditions and perform any management in Spanish and Catalan (coming soon in English and German), selecting one of these options from the homepage.

The delivery order shall be in Catalan, may request to print in Spanish.

We recommend foreign visitors to use CHROME navigator and activate the TRANSLATOR FUNCTION of web pages. You can do it clicking the right button of your mouse and choose “translate to...” your idiom.

Amount of my purchase:

For customers registered as part of a consumer's group and withdrawing occasional buyers that agree to be served in the same conditions than local consumer’s group, the prices are the indicated on the page, without extra charge or delivery service fee.

For occasional home delivery customers, the service fee is 6 Euros plus taxes. No minimum purchase is required.

Geographic coverage:

You will know if we serve at home by registering as a customer, calling phone number 671889304 from Monday to Friday from 9:30 AM to 18: 00h. We will attend in Spanish or Catalan. If you want to use English or German, you must write an email to consum@coanegra.com . For now we only do home delivery in ALCUDIA, even in ALCUDIA's countryside.

Coanegra reserves the right to refuse or reject service requests in homes involving a special effort or risk to the dealer, or those places in which access to the place of unloading with a forklift is not allowed.

The home delivery service is restricted to the municipality of Alcúdia, and makes deliveries from Tuesday to Friday from 18:00 to 20:00 h.

Schedule to make my purchase:

Customers registered as consumer groups can do their weekly shopping from Friday to Tuesday, 24 hours a day, for delivery on Thursday established immediately after the date of purchase.

Occasional customers who withdraw their purchase in store, can shop 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday every week of the year, from any computer with Internet access. Deliveries to these customers must be removed the day after your purchase, on the Coanegra's store in Avenue Princeps d' Espanya 45, Rotonda Es Figueral, Marratxí. (Summer Hours: 10 AM to 14:00 h and Rest of the year: from 10:00 a.m. to 18:00 h. Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00 h), excluding holidays.

Home delivery customers can purchase 24 hours a day, from Sunday to Wednesday every week of the year, from any computer with Internet access. Home deliveries are made two days after your purchase, from 18:00 to 20:00. No deliveries on Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Preparation of my purchase:

In case of unavailability of a product, we will follow the preferences you have indicated to us in the customer file (replace with similar or not used). A similar product is not replaced when the amount is greater than the requested product. We recommend you check the details you need to know the product delivered.

In the event a product is exhausted and has no replacement, we will return the value of that product in cash at the time of delivery.

Our shop is intended for the final consumer so that at the request of products in amounts that are unusual for normal household consumption, Coanegra reserves the right to confirm the customer the amount that can supply and delivery date and time slot.

Delivery Cart:

For members of consumer groups, deliveries are made on a fixed day of the week (usually on Thursdays), in a strip of hours also predetermined by day delivery routes. The changes are subject to specific agreements for each group.

Deliveries to occasional customers who collect directly in our shop in Marratxí are made the day after your purchase, on schedule Coanegra shop in Es Figueral (Summertime: 10 AM to 14:00 h and Rest of the year: from 10:00 a.m. to 18:00 h. Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00 h), excluding holidays.

In the case of shopping with home delivery, the customer is required to be at home during the day of delivery from 18:00 to 20:00 h. To be sure if we can deliver to your home, please call to 671 889 304.

In order to avoid damage to furniture and furnishings, order delivery will be made at a single point on the floor next to the access door to the apartment, and no more than five meters from it.

If you are absent at the time of delivery our staff will leave a card with the phone number of our shop. In that case, your purchase will return to our shop in Avenue Princeps d' Espanya 45, Rotonda Es Figueral, Marratxí and you should collect it in our store in the next 24 hours.

In case you buy with credit card, the order will be charged at the time of preparation (from the day before delivery day of service) in our store.

If the customer has chosen the method of payment in cash will be charged the order at home. If you do not have enough cash to make the payment at that time, the dealer does not unload the goods, the customer must contact Coanegra S. Coop to order a new section delivery. Cash payment is exclusive to members of consumer groups

All home delivery orders must be paid by credit card or debit card.

Receipt of order involve conform to the general conditions of the online store with the entire contents of the order, which is an order with payment obligation, as well as the address, date, time of delivery and detail ticket purchase, which includes transportation service fee in the case of home deliveries

In the case of consumer groups, Coanegra may establish other payment systems (cash), by agreement between the parts.

Access authorizations:

In the case of home deliveries, it is the responsibility of the customer; provide the necessary authorization to access your home.

The distributor will assign a maximum of five minutes to overcome the procedures for access to the restricted area of the property.

5. Warranty and refund.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase we will refund your money, it is essential delivery with the purchase receipt to the person responsible for our physical store in Marratxí, in working hours, excluding holidays.

Please note that assists legal guarantee in accordance with current regulations.

You can exercise your right of withdrawal, call number, Monday to Saturday from 9 to 14 hours or directly in our shop in Es Figueral, Marratxi, within 4 days from delivery. This shall not apply to products that have been processed to fill its indications, or for fresh products or less or equal to the date in which we communicate the withdrawal expiration products as well as products unsealed.

6. Effective Price.

The prices applied are those in force for each product on the date of joining the order and shall continue for the next 7 days of the date of preparation of the initial order. After this period, the prices are discounted using existing on the date you access to modify the order. Bulk products in the final price will be adjusted to the amount served.

The "Saved Listings" have not consideration of orders, so the prices reflected in them are not binding.

You can also check the amount of your purchase in Euros.

All prices include applicable taxes.

7. Payment.

Coanegra S. Coop supports the following payment methods:


Pursuant to the Law 7/2012, October 29, for the prevention and fight against tax fraud, you are not allowed to make cash payments on purchases equal or exceed 2,500 €

Bank credit or debit cards:

Visa, Visa Electron, 4b, 6000 and Master Card.

8. Security in transactions.

The purpose of requesting data allows us to process your order, Coanegra guarantees that your data travels in a secure connection, encrypted and protected according to protocol (SSL). Secure Socket Layers.

9. Confidentiality and data protection.

Coanegra S. Coop is committed to the protection and confidentiality of personal data of users of our website, being hosted on a secure server.

To access and use the online shopping service, you are required to provide personal information marked as mandatory, which must be accurate and actual, otherwise, may not be formalized registration and can not access and use our online shopping service.

Your data will be incorporated into a file owned by Coanegra S. Coop. in order to manage your request to facilitate the processing of your order, being used for internal use and inform you of products and services in order to offer a more personalized service.

According to the provisions of Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (Act), as Coanegra S. Coop client can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their data by communicating writing to Coanegra S. Coop C / Prínceps d'Espanya 45, 07141 Marratxí (Balears) or by calling.

9. Using cookies.

We inform you that we use "cookies" to enhance your visits to our Website and personalize your experience. You can delete cookies from your browser tools.

10. Governing Law.

For interpretation and enforcement conflicts arising from this transaction, it will apply Spanish law.

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